I would like to thank the many new visitors that this site has received over the past few days following the re-publication by Tony Anthony of his “revised” book Taming the Tiger.

This site had been intended to be an online news portal bringing you a range of faith-based news and features, predominantly from a Christian perspective. Instead, I have concentrated on providing copy to existing news organisations. I am, however, preparing to move more towards self-publication in a number of areas and a couple of new companies have been formed to assist me to do this.

As part of this I will be refreshing crosswire.org.uk – and I expect to launch a new CrossWire site before the end of August; as well as new news sites focusing on the Holy Land, on EU politics, and on faith in politics.

In the meantime, I have deliberately not posted a story here about Tony Anthony’s new book because I do not want CrossWire to appear to be a Tony Anthony attack-site.

That being said, it is important to remember that Tony Anthony is a liar. That is not just my opinion based on careful detailed research, but it is also the opinion of a Crown Court Judge, Mr Recorder Stevenson, who said that Tony Anthony was a “devious and manipulative man” who had “deliberately embroidered his story”before sentencing him to 15 months in prison for perverting the course of justice. It is also the opinion of Tony Anthony himself who, on 16 April 2013, told a meeting in Chiesa, Modena, Italy, that “I’m sorry but I’ve told lies all my life, so it’s true I’m a liar”.

You may wish to bear that in mind before spending your money lining his pockets, or that of his rogue publishers, by buying his “new” book.

And, while I don’t wish CrossWire to be a Tony Anthony attack site; and I have no wish to engage in some sort of campaign against him, the fact is that he is still insisting that his story is true, he is still seeking to manipulate and deceive, he is still seeking to take advantage of the vulnerable. I now feel it is necessary to re-engage with my own investigation and will, in due course, publish further details that are not yet in the public domain to further demonstrate that his story is false.