I created this website in 2011 as an online news portal, designed to bring a range of faith-based news and features, predominantly from a Christian perspective. It was part of my return to journalism after several years working in communications and PR – which included 10 years as  Director of Communications for the Diocese of Lichfield.

The website didn’t take off as I had envisaged, beacuse I concentrated on providing reports to a range of news organisations, including national newspapers and BBC Radio Four.

A relaunch of CrossWire was anticipated in August 2017 but this was overtaken by an unexpected request to take over, once again, the Anglican Communion News Service as interim editor. A short while later, the appointment was made permanent. In May 2019 I was appointed Director of Communications at the Anglican Communion.

I intend to keep this website alive, at least in the short term, as it contains important information about the shamed evangelist Tony Anthony. While he continues – against all the evidence – to maintain that his life story, as set out in his autobiography Taming The Tiger, is true, then it is important that the evidence of his falsehoods is available to the public.

This was a very important piece of public interest journalism and it is important that the evidence obtained during a lengthy investigation remains available for public scrutiny.

Tony Anthony is a liar. That is not just my opinion based on careful detailed research, but it is also the opinion of a Crown Court Judge, Mr Recorder Stevenson, who described Anthony as a “devious and manipulative man” who had “deliberately embroidered his story” before sentencing him to 15 months in prison for perverting the course of justice. It is also the opinion of Tony Anthony himself who, on 16 April 2013, told a meeting in Chiesa, Modena, Italy, that “I’m sorry but I’ve told lies all my life, so it’s true I’m a liar”.

You may wish to bear that in mind before spending your money lining his pockets, or that of his rogue publishers, by buying his “new” book.

And, while I don’t wish CrossWire to be a Tony Anthony attack site; and I have no wish to engage in some sort of campaign against him, the fact is that he is still insisting that his story is true, he is still seeking to manipulate and deceive, he is still seeking to take advantage of the vulnerable. Until; Tony Anthony admits his guilt and takes a step back from public ministry, this website will remain.