Christmas greetings as ISS delivers first Christian message from space

by Gavin Drake

The crew of the International Space Station have delivered what may be the first Christian message from space as they deliver Christmas greetings in a video provided by NASA.

US Navy Captain Barry Wilmore, commander of ISS Expedition 42, and US Air Force Colonel Terry Virts, the expedition’s flight engineer; filmed their message in front of Christmas stockings on the ISS while carrying a small decorated Christmas tree.

“Christmas for us is a time of worship”, Commander Willmore says. “It is a time when we think back to the birth of what we would consider our Lord. We do that at our homes and we plan to do the same thing up here; just a little bit of time to reflect on those things.”

“It is such an honour and it is so much fun to celebrate Christmas up here,” Flight Engineer Virts added. “This is definitely going to be a Christmas that we will remember.”